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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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fast-developing cia sex scandal, now reaching the highest levels of the military. a new top american general implicated overnight. was general john allen having a relationship with the whistleblower in the middle of the case? plus, federal agents descend overnight on paula broadwell's home. happening now, emergency on the mountain. two snowboarders stranded in a blizzard for two nights on mt. rainier, sending distress calls from a snow cave. searchers racing to track them down before it's too late. millionaire business titan on the run. we know him as the man who developed the software that protects our computers. now he's accused of killing his neighbor. he speaks out about why he's hiding from police this morning. and she's just 12 singing with a turkey leg. meet the new viral sensation. starring in this explosive holiday music video. but this is the latest contender for worst song ever? she's getting face, whether you like it or not.
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♪ good morning, everyone. hello to robin. as you all know, she's recovering from her bone marrow transplant. welcome back to amy robach. and, boy, you really need a flowchart to keep track of the sex scandal. let's get it all straight. it's cost david petraeus his job. and now, overnight, the commanding general of american forces in afghanistan, general john allen, you see him right there. he's implicated, as well. apparently, 20,000 to 30,000 pages of e-mails with jill kelley who sent the fbi on paula broadwell. >> that's right. this is another bizarre twist. the fbi agent you just mentioned has now been removed from sending revealing pictures of himself to that whistle-blower. the scandal is growing.
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and it's resolving around the actions of paula broadwell. it really is just one day, more stories leaking out. we'll try to clear it all up for you. >> it just continues to mushroom. our senior affairs correspondent martha raddatz starts out our full coverage from washington. she's been reporting on both generals for a decade. martha, this was stunning news after midnight. >> reporter: it's true. the scandal is more stunning every day. now, under investigation, the commander who replaced david petraeus in afghanistan, marine corps general john allen, who has apparently been exchanging e-mails with the woman at the center of the petraeus affair. this morning, the fbi probe into david petraeus' affair appears to have also ensnared his successor in afghanistan. the pentagon has now launched an investigation into, quote, potentially inappropriate e-mails between general allen and jill kelley, the petraeus family friend at the center of this increasingly strange scandal. the fbi has turned over 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents
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found during the probe. many are e-mails between allen and kelley sent over the last two years. it was kelley, petraeus' former deputy in tampa, who went to the fbi about threatening e-mails she was receiving. they were eventually traced back to petraeus' biographer, paula broadwell, spurring the investigation that led to the cia director's resignation. meantime, overnight, nearly a dozen federal agents descended on paula broadwell's home. spending 4 1/2 hours going floor to floor, leaving with a desktop computer, cardboard boxes and a briefcase. authorities say broadwell consented to the search. just a few hours earlier "washington post" reporter vernon loeb who spent 16 months working side-by-side with broadwell on her biography of petraeus, told the newspaper's website, he had no idea about the affair.
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>> there was never that much of a question in my mind. but what was a question in my mind, quite frankly, was why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he granted her. >> reporter: we are learning more about the scope of the affair between petraeus and broadwell. an official telling abc news, the fbi uncovered hundreds, if not thousands of e-mails between petraeus and broadwell. many of them salacious in nature. as for those e-mails jill kelley received from broadwell that set this all in motion, sources tell abc news, references were made to petraeus, but he was not specifically named. broadwell accused kelley in the e-mails of flaunting herself. officials tell abc news kelley told petraeus about the messages. general allen has been nominated to take over nato command, george. but that has now been put on hold. >> and, martha, on hold, is that a euphemism? can his career survive this investigation? >> well, general allen says he
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did nothing wrong. but this is likely a career-ender. the investigation will probably take a long time. and they have to fill that job. >> we're also learning from "the washington post," that general petraeus initially thought he could ride out this storm. >> well, perhaps petraeus was hoping it wouldn't become public and he could ride it out because he did not resign until the director of national intelligence told him he should. >> and president obama held that for 24 hours, as well. okay. thanks martha. let's go to our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, who has more on the growing questions about how the fbi has handled the story. >> reporter: good morning, george. the more you dig into this case, the seedier it gets. apparently jill kelley, the woman at the center of the new allegations involving general allen, got the attention of a lot of men. she was a friendly acquaintance of the fbi agent who started the whole case. and it turns out, he sent her shirtless pictures of himself. now we learn this unidentified agent is under investigation for calling members of congress, breaking fbi policy about disclosing investigations. they say he's a poster boy for why such investigations need to be kept private and out of
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politics, george. >> and, pierre, there's some suspicion that the fbi kept this from congress and the white house to protect the president during the campaign. anything to that? >> reporter: right now, justice department officials say they have a simple story, they followed the rules. the fbi's focus was on whether internet harassment laws were broken by the alleged mistress, paula broadwell. when the nasty e-mails were sent. my sources emphasize, petraeus was never the focus of the investigation. and the investigation never turned up any evidence he broke any laws. they say this was a criminal case, not a major intelligence case, requiring them to notify congress and the white house. justice department guidelines almost always bar sharing information about developing cases. but i'm sure congress won't buy that, george. >> they deny any politics involved. pierre, thanks very much. now, to the new details emerging about the woman at the center of this affair. general petraeus' biographer, paula broadwell. as we mentioned, fbi agents descending on her home overnight. and sharyn alfonsi is here with the latest on all of that. sharyn? >> reporter: even as the agents surround the broadwell home,
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neighbors, friends and family are coming to paula's defense. this morning saying, as crazy as this story is, there's a lot more to it. >> it was captain america! [ laughter ] >> reporter: overnight, the man who once invited paula broadwell to talk about her best-selling biography of petraeus gave his spin on the scandal. >> paula broadwell. paula broadwell. why does that name seem so familiar to me? welcome to the program, paula broadwell. [ cheers and applause ] no, no. that's not it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jon stewart co-hosted a barbecue with broadwell for wounded vets on labor day. >> the whole time i was just staring at how defined her arms were. >> reporter: on "the daily show" monday night, he roasted her. >> for god sake, the title of her book was "all in." [ laughter ] a powerful man had an affair with a fawning admirer. all of a sudden, she saw some other girl flirting with him. she was e-mailing. you better step off. i saw him first. >> reporter: broadwell hasn't been seen since the scandal broke friday. but her friends and family are
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coming to her defense. her father telling "the new york daily news, monday, that he supports his daughter 100%. this is about something else entirely. and the truth will come out. the 1995 west point graduate, now reportedly in hiding. is seen here in class photos, receiving her diploma. even posing for her class yearbook picture. above the motto, work hard, play harder. broadwell was reportedly having an affair with petraeus, even as she was out promoting her book. she gave this interview to arthur cade in february. >> you know, it's not a -- i'm not in love with david petraeus. sending his wife a copy and i know holly petraeus, his wife read it. and she had great things to say. >> as for broadwell's book, it jumped 76,000 places on amazon since news of the affair broke and is hovering around 111 on the best-seller list. a lot of people anxious to read it and try to read between the lines. >> sharyn, thanks so much. of course, with all of the latest developments, we're going to stay on top of this story throughout the day today.
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but now we want to get to josh who has the other top stories at the this hour, josh. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the desperate search for two snowboarders stranded for a second night in blizzard-like conditions on washington's mt. rainier. the men, experienced snowboarders, both in their 20s, took shelter by digging a snow cave at 7,500 feet. they got lost sunday with no compass and no night gear. and with winds up to 70 miles per hour, crews haven't been able to reach them. conditions are said to be improving. and the men, as of yesterday, were said to be in good condition. meanwhile, a new sign of normalcy in new jersey this morning, in the wake of hurricane sandy. odd/even gas rationing has just been lifted there. the restrictions were put in place when gas stations had no fuel, no power and drivers spent hours in line. however, things are far from normal for people on long island, new york. 60,000 homes and businesses there still have no power. meanwhile, talking about gas. a new report claims the u.s. is only a few years away, now, from
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producing more oil than saudi arabia. the international energy agency also predicts the u.s. could become energy-independent by the year 2035. but many experts remain doubtful. meanwhile, new video from the record flood in central italy. you see the river here sweeping this boat away and ripping trees from the ground. at least four people have been killed in the floods. three of them, when a bridge collapsed. rescuers in the helicopter you see there were able to pull one man to safety, after his car was swept away. and four-time nascar champ jeff gordon will have to pay up for that deliberate wreck that sparked a wild brawl in phoenix over the weekend. gordon has been fined $100,000 docked 25 points, placed on probation, for slamming clint bowyer into the wall but he did in fact avoid suspension. and finally, could it be true? are humans collectively getting dumber? a new study from stanford university claims that humans have been steadily losing intelligence for thousands of years because, thanks to
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advancements in technology, we no longer need intelligence to survive. of course, this is hardly main stream science. but as one researcher noted, my favorite part here. a hunter/gatherer, who did not seek a solution to shelter probably died. where a modern wall street executive who made a similar mistake would receive a substantial bonus. >> ouch. >> and there you have it. >> all right, josh. >> thanks, josh. now, to the software billionaire suspected of murder. john mcafee made a fortune on anti-virus software that runs on computers around the world. now, he's being chased by police in the tiny country of belize, who believe he may behind the killing of his neighbor. abc's matt gutman is covering that from miami. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. john mcafee lived the kind of life in central america that scared many of the people who knew him. now, the name that was synonymous with security, could be synonymous with corruption, drugs and a mysterious murder. this photo taken for a feature
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about john mcafee in an 81 coming edition of "wired, ""may tell a story of a man many believe has become increasingly paranoid and is now on the run. >> i hid for almost 18 hours. lying in the bottom of cabs, boats. i'll do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> reporter: mcafee, the former millionaire founder of the anti-virus software company that still bares his name, tells "wired" magazine in an exclusive recorded interview that he's now hiding out from police in belize. >> he sounded scared. he sounded nervous. he was convinced that the police were going to kill him if they found him. >> reporter: as investigators their search for the 67-year-old, this morning, he's a person of interest in the death of his neighbor, greg faull, an american who lived next door to mcafee was found shot to death overnight saturday night in his beach hacienda. mcafee seen here tells "wired," he believes police poisoned his dog and insists they killed his neighbor, insisting he had nothing to do with faull's
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death. >> i heard that he had been shot. that made me even more paranoid because i thought someone was searching for me. >> reporter: but police tell a different story. they said mcafee had become increasingly erratic and even violent. something reporter jeff wise witnessed first hand recently. >> i went to visit him. and he scared me a great deal. i seriously entertained doubts whether i was going to get out of his house alive. >> reporter: the fortune mcafee amassed in the '80s and '90s seemed to evaporate during the recession. abc news "nightline" profiled him as he auctioned off his possessions in 2009, before moving to belize. the country he now says is trying to kill him. he says he has no plan of leaving belize, the place he calls the nicest on earth. but this morning, he spoke to police, they are still searching for him. if they do decide to charge him for murder, they'll keep him in detention until they enter proceedings against him. and he could face the death penalty. >> matt, thanks very much.
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and, george, now, turning to the holiday wars heating up right now over black friday. retailers competing to start the busiest shopping day of the year earlier than ever. and we're talking as early as this sunday. so, is this really good news for shoppers? abc's paula faris is here with the latest. paula? >> how long before we have black friday in july? >> it could happen. >> it could. well, black friday has always been famous for price-slashing good deals and notorious for those knockdown fights. but this morning, the black friday fight is moving online. cue the crowds. after walmart, target, toys "r" us and kmart announced their sales will start at 8:00 on thanksgiving night, sears says it's upping the ante starting black friday this sunday at 5:00 p.m. customers who are members of the shop your way club will be able to get deals online and then pick up their purchases in the store.
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>> they're going to have more options and more alternatives. hopefully won't be as rushed. and they will feel they're getting the best deals. >> reporter: analysts wonder if other stores will now try to match sears and what is shaping up to be an extremely competitive holiday shopping season. saying the earlier stores can convince people to start spending, the better. >> the big box stores are coming out this year and trying something different. they're trying to extend the opportunities of shopping and give the customer as many times to shop as they can. >> reporter: for its part, sears says it is just moving the same direction as its customers, online. >> i think black friday five years from now is going to have an awful lot more convenience options for the customers. i think with the adoption of technology, people are going to be shopping more and more with smartphones, tablets. >> lord & taylor is another store opening their doors on thanksgiving for the very first time. but not everybody likes the idea of shopping on thanksgiving day, on the holiday.
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a petition on is approaching 177,000 signatures, begging retailers to stay closed on the holiday and preserve precious family time. a lot of the signatures coming in from the employees who have to come in on thanksgiving. >> and cyber monday is not much better. >> you can get tips for finding the best black friday bargains on on yahoo! >> thanks very much. all of you soda lovers listen up now. diet soda is one thing. but what if there were a drink that could get rid of fat? that is the dream pepsi is selling in japan where pepsi special hits stores today. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: it's pepsi. but not as we know it. launched today in japan, with the specials, pepsi special. and the claim, it might make us thinner by slowing the absorption of fat. whatever next. pizza that grows your six pack? anti-aging ice cream. i mean, this soda could change
7:17 am
everything. stand aside, mayor bloomberg with your ban on sugary drinks. oh, no, wait. pepsi special is only a japanese product. a pepsico spokesman told us. japan already has pepsi pink that's strawberry milk flavor. and pepsi salty watermelon. their soda culture is more advanced, but will this new pepsi special sell over here? if i told you there was a soda that could actually make lose people lose weight, would you believe me? >> sure. >> reporter: would you buy that soda? >> if it was proven to work. >> reporter: we need somebody with a white coat. if i was trying to lose weight, would you advise me to drink this soda? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: why not? >> it's not healthy. the theory is that it binds with fats and basically escorts them out of the body. >> reporter: the key ingredient is called dextrin, a fiber. but nutritionists think that all soda is unhealthy. and there are other issues.
7:18 am
i read that the soda -- >> it does. we're calling it -- they call it pepsi poop. >> is that true? it's not mentioned in the tv commercial. i wonder why. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm sorry. a new term. pepsi -- >> i didn't see that ad. that was a surprise twist. >> yeah. sounds very elegant. >> it escorts the fat out of the body. >> right. >> you know what helps burn fat? riding on your unicorn. >> here's an idea. how about work out? how about that, sam? you want to ride on the unicorn? >> it's so true, though. escorting sounds so nice. escorting the fat out of your body and then came that phrase. let's look at the boards. the first snow out of minneapolis. this was an icy snow. it was really problematic. by the way, does it seem like there's a lot more snow and cold this season than last year? there is. and look at it. you're absolutely right. about 11% of the country had
7:19 am
snow this time last year. now look how much of the country, more than 31% has snow right now. this happened in the last ten days or so. with the big push of cold air, you're going to feel the chill. even in places like dallas, your first frost and freeze in the dallas metro area. and new york city, dropping from the 70s in the new york city area, into probably much cooler than that, the 30s and 40s in that zone as we get the cold air. chicago feels like 16 degrees with the windchill. and atlanta, feels like 27. that's a real big shot of cold air.
7:20 am
all right. coming up on "gma," sorry about that. the high school valedictorian on trial for his mother's murder. why his father tells abc news his son is innocent. plus, the double-life of the bandanna bandit. wait until you hear this story. ou hear this story. nine days till christmas
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water and mud. some of mud comes up to the top of the tires. a few homes are flooded. some families have been forced to evacuate. authorities are trying to determine if the water came from a water storage tank that ruptured. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the morning. >> in the meantime, we are checking out your commute. >> good morning. still have slow traffic eastbound 80 earlier accident san dough dam road cleared westbound sluggish into the -- macarthur maze, grind on highway 4 earlier accident somersville has things slow from antioch 40 minutes to highway 242, accident southbound 880 at llewellyn blocking the left lane. >> meteorologist mike
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welcome back. you need sun glasses today high clouds and sunshine temperatures one to night degrees warmer than yesterday, in the mid 60s coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland chance of showers friday better chance of
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♪ it's thanksgiving ♪ we're gonna have move over rebecca black. that's 12-year-old nicole westbrook of california. and that is a turkey leg in her hand. millions have clicked on this music video. people have put all kinds of hate on this music video. it's vying for worst music video ever. but nicole will take on all of her critics in a couple of minutes. good morning, america. >> she is expressing herself. >> she is, in one manner. amy robach is here today. >> i think they would have a superlative next year. whether it's good or bad, right? >> absolutely. and speaking of making money, inside the double life of a popular gym employee who was making extra cash, perhaps we should say, taking extra cash, robbing banks. and look. lara, you're a good tennis player. >> thank you. >> that made it much harder to pull the prank of a lifetime on you. >> i had the best time.
7:31 am
i don't care. >> it was great. she thought she was going to meet andre agassi, jim courier and play some tennis. technically, that's exactly what happened. there may have been some other things we left out. that's what she thought. >> i'm still smiling. i got to meet agassi. >> i'm still smiling, too. >> show one good shot. i can play. >> that actually -- that almost foiled the whole thing. you were too good. >> go on. >> oh. >> nice save, josh. hey, everybody. get ready for an unbelievable live event. we're so excited to celebrate the 15th anniversary of "the lion king." we have a performance that you have never seen. it is going to be incredible. it's live. and you don't want to miss it. i'm really excited about this. >> yeah. >> looking forward to it. but first, let's turn to that high school valedictorian
7:32 am
in michigan who is allegedly on trial for allegedly murdering his own mother. family and friends, including his own father, are coming to his defense right now. and abc's john muller joins us with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. the idyllic son accused of killing his mother. the son says he didn't do it. a mother who spent time in jail for beating and trying to strangle that son. the son said he didn't do it. an entire community has rallied around him. jeffrey pyne was, by all accounts, the perfect son. a university of michigan biology student. he was the high school valedictorian and star athlete. but later today, the 22-year-old goes on trial, accused of viciously murdering his own mother. ruth pyne's body was found bludgeoned and stabbed repeatedly inside the garage of her family's idyllic home in 2011. >> the whole thing, you know, really upset the entire neighborhood. >> reporter: after five months of investigating, her son, jeffrey, was indicted, charged with beating her to death and put in jail. >> i really don't think jeffrey did it.
7:33 am
he was no threat for five months. why was he all of a sudden a threat? >> reporter: ruth's husband, pyne's father, tells abc news, he believes his son is innocent. but by all accounts, what happened in this suburban home is a complicated story. court records show ruth had a history of mental illness and was allegedly often violent. in 2010, she was accused of attacking jeffrey, allegedly beating him and attempting to strangle him. she was jailed for two weeks. >> her own psychologist had recommended that she had become impatient because of her mental illness. the question is, did this violent history with the mother provide a motive for the son to commit the murder? >> reporter: little is known about the evidence against jeffrey pyne. court documents filed by prosecutors point to wounds on his hands after the killing. jeffrey said he was at work at the time of the murder and maintains he's innocent. and this morning, as his trial begins, his neighbors and former teachers and much of the community where he grew up
7:34 am
agree. >> we don't feel that the real murderer has been caught. we feel there's someone out here that did it, other than jeffrey. >> reporter: in fact, the defense for jeffrey pyne is expected to say just that. that the wrong guy is locked up while the real murderer is out there. despite the family history, the defense is not expected to claim he snapped after years of abuse or acted in self-defense. they say he's innocent. >> john muller, thanks so much. for more, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. let's start off where john left off. you would think this might be a self-defense issue because of the prior attack. >> you look at all these facts. and it seems like exactly the kind of case where the defense would say, she attacked him. he defended himself. and this is what happened. that's not what he's claiming. he's claiming he has an alibi. so, the focus of this case is going to be on that alibi. does it make sense? now, prosecutors say they have some other evidence. they have some wounds on his hands.
7:35 am
they have some blood found in the house. but they don't have a ton of evidence. it's really going to come down to disproving, i think, this alibi. >> and it's interesting because pyne's father, the entire community, perhaps, is supporting jeffrey in this. what impact could that be in the trial? >> i think it's important that the father, the husband of the victim, is supporting him in the context of this case. and the community support, i think is the type of support that the defense hopes is reflected in this jury. what do i mean by that? i think they hope that even if there's enough evidence here, even if they can prove this alibi doesn't really make sense, those wounds on his hands do seem incriminating, maybe the jurors in in essence say, you know what, we don't want to convict in the context of this case. it's called jury nullification. i think the defense will be hoping for that possibility. that even if there is evidence, they'll say, this is not the kind of guy we want to put away. and we'll see.
7:36 am
also, it could be lesser included offenses, as well. >> all right. very interesting stuff. dan abrams, thanks as always. george? we're going to turn, now, to the story of a florida man who led a dangerous double-life for years. full-time janitor, part-time bank robber. abc's rob nelson has the details on how it all unraveled. >> reporter: he had the face of a gentle man. but behind that smile, a shocking decades-old secret. 56-year-old michael j. webb seemed to be just a friendly janitor at this la fitness gym working with a smile on his face, and a can-do attitude that seemed to charm baseball legend manny ramirez. when he wasn't at work, this was the webb that terrified tellers and police saw. >> convicted in other states. and served time in other states. he was arrested here in 1990. >> reporter: police say webb was in fact the ex-conpolice once dubbed the counter jumper and
7:37 am
the bandana bandit. responsible for dozens of robberies. six of them in the last six months alone. and making out with more than $100,000 in cash. a mint compared to his janitor salary. >> he went behind the counter. went by each teller, got money out of each drawer and left. >> reporter: webb's bank robbing streak ended in dramatic fashion november 2nd, after a heist gone wrong. he led police in a high-speed chase. finally, jumping out of his car and pointing a gun at police before being fatally shot. >> it's very surprising. very surprising. >> reporter: former colleagues were stunned to learn their friendly co-worker, who had recently been promoted because of his exemplary work had been living such a dangerous double life. >> i would never think that a guy his age would be doing something like that. >> reporter: just how webb was able to fool so many for so long and what the modest living bachelor did with all that money
7:38 am
remains a mystery. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> thanks to rob. now, let's get the weather from sam. >> a quick look at the showers on the eastern seaboard right now. a live shot out of washington, d.c. will show you exactly what we're talking about. this is a quick hit of rain. it doesn't last all day. may take until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon by the time you get into the northeast, but out of d.c., it's quickly in the afternoon. this is the last of the warm temperatures. 64 in boston. 61 in raleigh. and watch that cold front move directly through and drop in the colder air. the showers won't be with you. but the cold air, you'll notice that right away. 24, lexington, kentucky. 24, chicago, as well. here are those cold south morning temperatures. look at shreveport at 34. little rock at 33. memphis at 33. atlanta, at 35 degrees. all the areas, you see freeze warnings that are shaded in that purpley, pinky color on the board. i know there's a real name for it. but i can't think of it right now. the first th
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back, now, at 7:43. it is the brand-new superhit that everybody's talking about. it's called "it's thanksgiving," featuring 12-year-old nicole westbrook. it hit youtube days ago. it's gone viral already. but has it gone for the right reasons? apparently, not everybody giving thanks. abc's david wright has our story. ♪ it's thanksgiving >> reporter: she's 12. she's got a turkey leg. and, boy, is she thankful. ♪ hey >> reporter: nicole westbrook has a hit. ♪ thank you, thank you >> reporter: this pint-sized martha stewart serves up her youtube video last wednesday,
7:44 am
"it's thanksgiving" has racked up 4 million views. more than 9,000 thumbs up. ♪ i have to give thanks to you >> reporter: and more than 70,000 thumbs down. ♪ give them thanks >> reporter: a lot of people seem to think this song's a turkey. [ record scratching ] some are even calling it the worst song ever. [ record scratching ] as thanksgiving dinners go, this one is kind of bizarre. where are the grown-ups for one thing? >> i don't know why they weren't there. but i'm kind of glad they weren't. >> reporter: instead of a family feast, this is more like a tween dance party. and who is that guy? the guy that wrote the song and produced the video, that's who, patrice wilson. the same guy responsible for last year's teen viral video sensation, 13-year-old rebecca black. ♪ friday friday this time, he's showing not the friday. but rather the third thursday in november. >> there's no recipe for viral success. you can't necessarily create for it. but you know it when you see it.
7:45 am
>> reporter: rebecca black had a tough time from the critics. ♪ got to have cheerios >> reporter: and also, 42 million views on youtube. a number that has to make the 800,000 dislikes easier to swallow. ♪ >> honestly, i don't care what the critics think. and they can say whatever they want. they're entitled to their own opinion. >> reporter: turns out nicole westbrook has no idea how to roast a turkey. >> i usually don't cook. so, i don't have many tips for you there. >> reporter: but she sure is thankful for all the attention. ♪ thank you, thank you >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> come on, give her a break, 12 years old, that's pretty create. give thanks, y'all. >> she really is cute. you know? >> george? amy? weighing in? >> it's fine. >> she's enterprising. i'll give her that. >> not the worst video ever. >> right, exactly.
7:46 am
by no measure. >> give thanks, y'all. >> y'all. we're giving thanks for this. coming up, everybody, it's "the lion king" live. a stunning performance never before seen on tv. and we have got it. >> cannot wait. also, just freeze it -- literally. literally. see what i did there? see? >> i do. you just got 5% off for using your red card. welcome home.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> and it's ice cold. take a look. here's a fella, out with some of his other friends. nothing good happens when 20-somethings get together. maybe they had been enjoying a few adult beverages. >> really? >> who saw that coming? >> oh, no. >> it's okay. it's like a foot deep. no, no, no. i mean, i'm going to be totally honest.
7:51 am
it's an excuse to, well -- look at it in slow-mo. remember this one? apparently, one of the greatest ever. this guy's going to do a little cannonball into a pool. what could go wrong? >> oh. >> still hurts. >> and wait until you see lara. >> oh, come on. ♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love. ♪ try new sugar free pumpkin spice... and pecan praline. the gift of great taste is just a click away. get your coupon at nestle. good food. good life. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere,
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7:56 am
good morning i'm kristen sze cleanup crews in daly city are trying to clear several streets in a neighborhood covered with mud. residents from eight homes were evacuated many vehicles are stuck in the mess caused by a broken pipe at a nearby reservoir. the mud flowed on to the streets including lausanne and clayton court cleanup is underway but it is going to take a while. mike checks the forecast. slightly warmer, right now we are in the 30s in napa, santa rosa, concord. everybody else in the 40s coast 50s destination 60s today, 70s tomorrow. >> golden gate bridge southbound good here farther north earlier accident that's
7:57 am
been cleared traffic jammed from the waldo metering lights on at=x
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
if you weren't awake this morning, you are awake now, thanks to "the lion king." and look at that crowd out there in times square. turning a little more chilly this morning. fall is back. we miss you, robin roberts, too. she is on the mend. great to have amy robach with us here. >> as the music tells us, we're going across the street for an unbelievable live event here in times square, celebrating 15 years of "the lion king." 55 million people have seen it. that's the highest box office in history. and today, a performance that's never been seen on television. and you'll see it here. >> oh, boy. >> really incredible. also today, ever notice some startling lookalikes in famous paintings? you just saw a picture of mona lisa. apparently, similar to someone we know and love.
8:01 am
>> who is that? >> that's you, actually. >> i'm so sorry they did that to you. >> did you know that? >> no, of course, everything is a surprise to me, george. but i'm so sorry they did that to you. >> don't show it. it's disturbing. >> oh, wow. >> then, there's that. >> they didn't tell me about that, either. >> that wasn't cleared, either. there's a story behind this. there it is again, george. there's a story behind this. you'll hear about it in "pop news." >> can't wait. >> i can tell. i had nothing to do with that. sam, you're up. >> is there more? please. plus, what do jim courier and andre agassi and lara spencer all have in common? they are amazing tennis players and they love the game of tennis. lara, so much. it was a way to pull her in and get her back for punk'ing josh. reeled her in. just reeled her right in. >> i loved it.
8:02 am
i loved it. i loved it. i'll take it. >> no, you didn't. you didn't. >> no? >> it was brilliant. and it was terrific. you were a much better tennis player than we bargained for, which made it tough. >> that was making it hard for you. i was enjoying every moment of it. >> you'll see that here. >> andre agassi was a little better. sally field is going to be here. you have to see "lincoln." she gives an incredible performance as mary todd lincoln. that is coming up as well. first, the news from josh. >> the scandal now surrounding former cia director david petraeus is expanding. the man who replaced petraeus as top commander in afghanistan, is now under investigation. the pentagon says general john allen may have sent potentially inappropriate e-mail to jill kelley. the fbi is now reviewing thousands of pages of documents. kelley is the petraeus family friend who first notified the fbi about threatening e-mails she was receiving from petraeus' mistress, paula broadwell.
8:03 am
general allen had been in line to become supreme allied commander. that is now on hold. meantime, a dozen fbi agents have descended on paula broadwell's home. you see them leaving with a desktop computer and a briefcase. broadwell is said to be cooperating with the investigation. this is a complicated story. and you can track all the story on and another story breaking right now, a saudi arabia man convicted in a failed u.s. bomb plot has just been sentenced to life in prison in texas. he was convicted of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. prosecutors say he bought materials for a chemical explosion. and was researching potential targets. and some encouraging economic news this morning. the number of americans behind on their mortgages has just hit the lowest level since 2009, thanks to rising home prices and historically low interest rates, making it easier to refinance.
8:04 am
we have a dramatic crash landing in brazil to show you. every tense moment captured on camera. a small business jet overshooting a runway. bouncing on to that retaining wall, as you see there. but coming just to a stop before that highway. the pilot was injured. we can tell you the passengers in that plane are okay. >> wow. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of a very big interview on tonight's "world news." diane? and a good morning to you, josh. great to talk to you this morning. paul ryan, tonight on "world news." his first network interview since the election night loss. we will find out finally what was going on inside the romney campaign those final few days. what went wrong. and what he plans to do next. our abc news exclusive. >> we will be watching. finally, victoria's secret is apologizing for a native american-style outfit in its annual fashion show. the company, flooded with complaints when a model stepped out wearing a feathered
8:05 am
headdress and a bikini studded with turquoise stones. victoria's secret says the outfit will not be included when the show is broadcast next month. >> okay. in "pop news," everybody, they may have been trying to keep a relationship under wraps. but kristen stewart certainly had nothing to hide at the premiere of "breaking dawn" last night. the "twilight" star hit the red carpet looking so hot in a sizzling sheer ina corseted gown. it left little to the imagination. and beside her, her co-star, robert pattinson, making a bold choice. an emerald green gucci suit. if she's trying to get him to forget their turbulent summer, the dress, though, definitely a good start. it looks like she has nothing on. >> it's a wow. it's a wow.
8:06 am
>> the man was wearing a green suit. let's not bury that. >> i couldn't decide what to start with there. >> green. emerald. hey, you never know where you'll find your doppelganger. this man found his at the museum of modern art. this is trending on the website reddit. isn't that crazy? >> hilarious. >> besides the obvious resemblance, this portrait is a dualer. maybe the red tights in the 16th century. we found a couple of other examples of lookalikes in fine art. sam, i don't know. mona lisa/sam champion. anybody see anything? >> you look like you were just woken up. >> bad morning. >> and we saw something -- simone thought there was something to the "american gothic" couple, anybody? moving on? no? thank you very much. i'm not --
8:07 am
harry potter and "mad men" unite. i know it's a random thought. but there's something for both rabid fan bases. in the upcoming british miniseries. it's "a young doctor's notebook." reflecting on days as a young med nick world war i. the harry potter start, playing jon hamm. and in one scene that caught our eye, the two share a bathtub. radcliffe joked about filming that scene. you know i was the envy of every woman ever. you are correct, sir. and if man is dog's best friend, what is a dog's bff? a deer maybe? that's what kate, the great dane, is thinking. she and pippen first became pals when pippen was just a doe. the family says that she still comes back and visits her best friend for a cuddle. they play. and sometimes pippen brings her fawns along. they don't share the amazing
8:08 am
friendship that only kate and pippen are privileged to know. we thought those were pretty terrific. >> that's so cute. >> isn't that amazing? he felt like that was his brother or sister. >> watch the ticks. i don't want to be the bearer of bad tidings. pippen's probably got -- >> you have to ruin my moment? interspecies friendships. >> i'm trying to protect america. >> debbie downer, it's time for a pop quiz. i want all of you to think about the answer. but don't shout it out. pop quiz today. what did anne hathaway tell "vogue" was her secret for losing so many weight for her role in les mis? we have the answer just ahead! no, don't even do it! let's get out to sam, shall we? sam? >> lara, i have a follow-up. was the fat escorted from her body? all right. good morning, everybody. hey, we are live. [ cheers ] in times square. and here's the thing about sharing an umbrella. it's really tough.
8:09 am
when you think you're helping somebody, you're dousing somebody else with the rock on the umbrella. ladies, you're clearly from maryland. >> montana. >> no. why the crab hats? what's up with that? >> we're very crabby. and we wanted our friends to notice us. >> it works. it totally -- where did you get them? >> we actually toured in boston a little bit. and some of our friends ate lobster for the first time. we got them crab hats. >> it could be a lobster or a crab hat. here's what's happening out there. a warm-up from the west. now, it's a chilly morning, but these numbers do come up as you get through the day. that's the warm air that sweeps across the country. it's going to take a couple days. but denver, oklahoma city, minneapolis, chicago, you're part of the warmer temperatures, maybe two or three days away for you. there's thunder showers in the
8:10 am
>> yeah. that rain has moved into times square. that's the weather around the nation. by the way, let's go back to lara spencer. >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." inside an obsession. why did paula broadwell go from an affair with the top spy to allegedly sending e-mails to a woman who thought was her romantic rival? stars going bare. why so many celebs are going makeup-free. and a very special treat. "the lion king" live. a stunning performance. all that coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
8:11 am
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] great song from "les mis." why are we playing it? it has something to do with the answer to our pop quiz. anne hathaway, lost the weight for her role, by just eating oatmeal, as she prepared for the role. she wanted to slim down quickly, apparently. so, just oatmeal. >> what a -- >> dried oatmeal paste. >> on "saturday night live,"
8:16 am
even seeing a fun way, what a voice. what an actress. >> i can't wait to see "les mis." we're going to turn to more questions on that sex scandal involving general petraeus and his younger biographer, paula broadwell. did she become obsessed and then snap when a rival emerged? linsey davis has that story. >> reporter: to the outside eye, paula broadwell seemed to be living a picture-perfect life. the best-selling author shared this idyllic home with her radiologist husband and two sons. prompting the question so many are now asking. why was she willing to risk it all for an affair? >> the detail. he can turn water into bottled water. >> reporter: while broadwell said this about the book's portrayal of the general. >> i'm not in love with david petraeus. >> reporter: the two became close when she was interviewing him. >> she was constantly admiring him and learning from him. >> reporter: people around petraeus says she was gushy
8:17 am
about him. that they shot she was in love with him. according to dr. laura berman, the potential to lose judgment or have erratic behavior, is often the result of the passion of new love. >> the addiction center of your brain is firing, as if you're addicted to a drug. >> reporter: around the time petraeus broke off the affair, jill kelly began to receive anonymous e-mails sent from broadwell's computer. so mails she found so threatening, she contacted authorities. >> in an affair, there's attachment. and there can be jealousy. >> reporter: it's not the first time a very private infidelity has unraveled so publicly. in the case of john edwards, he wasn't as forthcoming, even as the affair was exposed, as he ran for president. >> the story's untrue. ridiculous. >> reporter: in 2007, nasa astronaut lisa nowak drove 1,000
8:18 am
miles to confront a woman who was having a relationship with her lover, allegedly wearing a diaper so she wouldn't have to stop. while broadwell didn't go quite as far, her behavior has garnered even more headlines. the therapist we spoke to gave us the percentage of couples who have infidelity within their marriage. that percentage, more than half. 60%. >> surprised at that. linsey, thanks very much. now, to the new trend taking over hollywood. stars going bare and fresh-faced in so many public snapshots, leaving the makeup behind. why are so many suddenly revealing this side of themselves? abbie boudreau takes a look. >> reporter: this is the way we've come to know our celebrities. glam, gorgeous, makeup-perfect. always red carpet-ready. but the faces are tweeting out pictures of themselves sans makeup. from rihanna. to miley.
8:19 am
to demi lovato and kelly osbourne. >> it really makes them relatable to their fans. they get to see them without all of the glamour that they usually see them with on red carpets and in magazines. >> reporter: lady gaga wished her fans a beautiful day. snooki shared her clean canvas before getting artistic. and kim kardashian tweeted this pic, chilling with no makeup on. >> the vast majority of images that people are inundated with every day, are airbrushed, professionally photoshopped. these photos are more realistic. a more inclusive depiction of beauty. >> reporter: even supermodel cindy crawford is embracing a more relaxed look. tweeting, as i've gotten older, i wear less makeup. it can make you look older. and hopefully, we get more comfortable in our skin.
8:20 am
in the spirit of cindy crawford, i decided to head to fresh. to highlight a woman's features without looking overdone. but fresh makeup artist, susan morrow, showed me how to go with no makeup at all, to this. ten minutes later, i'm done. and it feels so natural. >> we don't need all of the makeup. to highlight what we need. low light what we don't need. >> reporter: while it's unlikely these a-listers will ever give up their makeup bag, these pictures remind us, beauty is not just skin-deep. >> it's a good p.r. move for them to do this because it gets people talking about them. and gets people going to their twitter pages or wherever they're posting. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i didn't see the difference, with abbie. that's the point. it's fair to say, we're all
8:21 am
one, big, happy family here at "good morning america." most often. but sometimes, we aren't. so, and one of those times -- >> we always are. >> yes, we are. so, lara, we're showing a clip here. lara played a little prank on me, with the help of nick jonas. so, i thought i would play a little prank on her, with andre agassi and jim courier. a few months back, i got punk'd. and punk'd good by lara. and pop star, nick jonas. >> you just got punk'd. >> reporter: and now, it's about time for serious retribution. we're coming for you, spencer. the scene, madison square garden. the power share's tennis tournament. the bait. lara loves tennis.
8:22 am
in fact, she's pretty good at it. my "gma" producers and i devised the perfect trap. she thinks she's here to interview andre agassi and jim courier. >> this is a dream come true. >> reporter: but these gentlemen of tennis are on my team today. and we have the entire place wired to capture it all. andre will be the good guy. but he's going to hit some tough shots that lara's not going to be able to handle. shockingly. jim, lara's partner, is going to go absolutely nuts. >> i'm ready to melt down. >> reporter: here we go. for a while, lara holds her own. >> that's teamwork at its finest, partner. >> reporter: she is getting cocky. >> chew on that, agassi. >> reporter: then, these two legends of the sport, turn up the heat. >> come on.
8:23 am
>> reporter: jim's about to lose it. >> go. we need this point, all right? >> all right. >> reporter: breaking rackets. >> you've got it. >> that was in. >> reporter: getting nasty. >> that wasn't in? >> you have to stay in, partner. you have to stay in. >> i didn't play terribly, though. a little tentative. >> missed that. >> reporter: lara, with that uneasy smile. >> we're still good. >> no. out. come on. >> i thought it was a good play. i'm sorry. >> you have to make that. >> i know i have to make it. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was time for jim to dig deep, even more. >> kenny, you have to get a sound guy to go over and check the mic. pretend like he's checking the mic. he has to go off on her. >> what's going on here? >> reporter: message delivered. >> what was that?
8:24 am
no. no. [ bleep ]. >> you missed that. >> i did? >> yeah, you missed it. >> yeah. >> no. [ bleep ]. what are you doing? >> i don't know. i'm trying really hard. >> do you choke like this on -- >> no. i don't choke on tv. >> reporter: and lara is starting to crack. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. i'm trying. >> you call that trying? >> i'm trying. my tennis dreams are turning into nightmares. he's yelling at me. >> oh, my god. oh. >> sorry. >> give me a sorry? >> just giving you a sorry right now. i'm scared of you. i tried. i really did. i'm sorry. >> you want me to be happy about this? >> i'm not happy, either. >> we're done? really? it's making me nervous. >> reporter: looks like lara's had enough. >> thank you. sorry, jim. >> reporter: but jim goes for one more round.
8:25 am
>> the thing that bothered me, lara, there was a lot of laughter. like you didn't take it seriously. >> i did take it seriously. i was playing hard. >> i don't like the laughter. >> that was just nerves. he's not really serious, is he? i'm not trying to be a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was finally time for me to crash the party. >> never thought for a second. i wanted to win. >> reporter: how can you be laughing through that? >> are you serious? >> reporter: how can you be laughing during tennis. >> you did not do this to me? are you kidding me? >> come on, group hug. >> reporter: come on. come on. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: how do you like them apples? >> andre agassi. you just trampled one of my dreams. i'm lara spencer. and josh got me back. >> reporter: game, set, match.
8:26 am
coming for you, champion. >> jim courier, staying in character. >> i know. >> two things, real quick. you go through all those emotions. you start to feel bad. but then, you get over it. the best thing was, jim kept coming back. that's all i've got. that's all i've got. jim, you get out there. you give me more. >> i wasn't going to let him bring me down. >> you were great. >> you were great. well done. well done. >> thank you. coming up, jim courier, calling it live, does it all. and "lion king" like you've never seen it before. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. update to this morning's breaking news out of daly city where dozens of homeowners are coping with a muddy mess from a broken pipeline in a nearby reservoir the water ran downhill taking mud with it. the neighborhood along lausanne avenue, price and clayton court are caked in mud. you can see the results. cars on the street have been stuck homes in the neighborhood are flooded some families had to evacuate. that cleanup will take time. let's check out your commute. north 101 de la cruz earlier accident has things backed to the 280/680 junction. northbound candlestick park accident blocking lane southbound 101 near cesar chavez blocking a lane south 101 san mateo hillsdale
8:28 am
accident blocking a land of
8:29 am
welcome back. we are all in the 40s, 50 antioch, san francisco, half moon bay warmer this afternoon by one to nine degrees high clouds and sun mid 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. ♪
8:30 am
there's the instant replay. lara, so graceful in her agony. and josh, enjoying it all too much. >> you know, revenge, a dish best served at madison square garden. >> with 40 cameras. >> it was great. jim courier, along with andre agassi, so great to have them. and to lose his cool. it was not easy for one of the gentlemen in all of sport. joining us this morning via skype. jimbo, it cut together marvelously. you were -- you did evil. you raised the bar, my friend. how tough was it, though, in the moments especially when you had to go back out and lose it? >> it was tough. it's not my nature to lose it. and i needed lara to play badly. but she was too good. that was the problem. she was too good. thankfully, you were there to push me over the edge and get it where we needed to get her.
8:31 am
honestly, i didn't think we had her. i thought she was on to me all the way. >> he left the court twice to say, that's all. that's all i've got. i asked him to empty the bag. and empty it, you did. still, the racket, when you know you have to do it just for show, how good does that feel? >> it's been a long time since i've truly broken a racket in anger. so, it did feel pretty good. i needed lara to feel like she wanted to break a racket, too. and you're too sweet. you're too nice. you're too good of a tennis player. >> i was terrified of you by the end. i met you this summer at the u.s. open. i thought you were my friend. and you started melting. i was like, what is happening? this is not john mcenroe. >> it was like a slow burn. it was drawing you in. jim, i also wanted to ask you. we got to see you in action. we saw some great stuff. hitting with average folks all day long, just coming in for the
8:32 am
thrill of their life. and it's also a series. >> we played the garden last sunday. that's when we did the punk on lara. we have 12 of these 1-night tournaments. eight down. four to go. i'm in california right now. we're in san jose and vegas this weekend. and we have denver and anaheim coming up. the champions tour for tennis. and also the home of gotcha with lara. >> it's mcenroe, pete sampras. >> patrick rafter. all of the names. jim, quickly, well done, my friend. jim courier, folks. >> lara, for a second, did you know what was going on? >> i had no idea. i had no idea. and you know what? despite it all, i loved every second of it. so, i laughed, i cried, i cried some more. >> save the anger for josh and not for me. >> i'm coming to see you play. thank you so much, jim. >> thank you, jim. >> see you, guys. we have something else awesome coming up. sam is on his way across the street, to the 15th anniversary
8:33 am
of disney's "the lion king." that's coming up. and we have two-time oscar winner, sally field. she's here live. look at her there, fantastic. "lincoln." >> here live. plus, you want to turn your trash into treasure? please, send us a picture alongside a brief video of you with your object. and tell me why you need help. we are transforming junk to gems all next week for you, our "gma" viewers. now, let's go to sam for "the lion king." he has the weather. >> we're just moments away from the first live performance of "lion king" in their own theater on television, on their 15th anniversary. let's get to the boards. we have a few things we want to tell you about. >> what's that? oh, shaking it. [ talking gibberish ] >> absolutely.
8:34 am
you may be thinking -- you may be thinking that rafiki is saying, we're number one. and we're always number one. this show is number one in broadway. but this is your first trip to pride rock a little later. it's warm and dry. let's see what's going on around the country. we'll start with the chilly days ahead. over the next several days, we have cold air dropping in. and you already felt it this morning. 51 today. then, new york city, 47. 48 by thursday. boston is the same idea here. we're going to go back and forth, like every two or three days. we have this real solid push of cold air today that goes well into the deep south and then starts to shove east. a little shower this morning. and then, you'
8:35 am
>> this is actually a pretty big deal. we've got a theater audience. you're going to see a chance to see the first live performance on television. all of that weather was brought to you by soda stream. amy? >> sam, it is a big deal. we're moving on to shocking, new details about the king of pop, revealed in a brand-new biography out today, called "untouchable, the strange life and tragic death of michael jackson." nick watt sat down with randal sullivan. >> reporter: it's called "the strange life and tragic death of michael jackson." despite his wealth, michael had
8:36 am
only one credit card. >> in one case, a phone call where he's asking for $500,000. it was like a french fry bag and gave it to michael. that was an in joke of, i want you to supersize this order. >> reporter: and he wanted to be an actor. >> michael was tired of being a song and dance man. he didn't want to perform on stage from the time -- well, from the time of the history tour, which was 1995, '96. >> reporter: he wanted to play spider-man on film. and we he wanted to play willy wonka. he was not chosen for either role. he was desperate for true friendship. >> diana didn't want to be his friend? >> she didn't. you know, for lack of a better word, i think she was a little creeped out by him. >> reporter: after three years of research, sullivan, a hard journalist, was left with this. >> i developed a deep affection for michael that i didn't see coming.
8:37 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. coming up next, here, sally field is live. opening up about her new role as lincoln's first lady.
8:38 am
8:39 am
sally field has won two oscars. and her portrayal of abraham lincoln's wife, mary todd, may earn her a third. watch her in this scene from
8:40 am
"lincoln," where she stalls peace negotiations until congress ends slavery. >> you think i'm ignorant of what you're up to. when have i ever been so easily bamboozled. i insist you amend the constitution and abolish this slavery. and war to you if you pick to pass the amendment. >> what a powerful performance. here's the thing that got me. sally field, two-time oscar winner. big star. one of the best actresses in the world. and you really had to fight hard to get this role. >> yeah. that's the way it needed to be. it -- you know, fate sometimes just steps in. it needed to be that way for all three of us. for steven, for daniel, for me. to actually become mary, i had to demand that they don't walk away. that it was me.
8:41 am
and to the generosity, first of all, of steven, who allowed me to test the first time. and then, i tested a second time because of the generosity of daniel, who is an amazing man. they both are amazing. and daniel flew in from ireland to los angeles for the day, to test. >> you all went in full costume. >> yeah. we were the whole thing. and met as mr. lincoln and as molly. and spent an hour of some long, weird improv. but it was the first -- it was the beginning of he and i beginning -- starting that relationship, that you see on the screen. and had i not done that, we wouldn't have found mary. >> and you actually stayed in character throughout the shooting. >> sure. but you always do that. this was done so beautifully because steven, with the help of daniel, made this miraculous
8:42 am
stage for the actors to do their work. the crew wasn't yelling and do as they usually do when they have to do their work. they weren't saying, hey, about that red sox game? they disappeared. i never saw them. >> he would send you e-mails, daniel day-lewis, as abraham lincoln on your off days. >> that's not quite true. he was in ireland. i was in los angeles. he doesn't have e-mail. he doesn't do that. so, we had no way to really begin knowing each other. we couldn't say, i'll meet you for a cup of coffee. but he does have a cell phone. he couldn't call me. it would be night and morning and stuff. he would text me periodically. and it was lovely. it was playful. and it was a way to -- we had no time to rehearse this film, none. it was shot on a very tight budget, believe it or not, with very few days. and we had to launch in the midst of this very tumultuous relationship. so, it was a magnificent thing he did. >> and your portrayal of mary
8:43 am
todd is really a revelation. you show her passion. could have a little instability. but also, her fierce intelligence. and we often think of her as a burden to abraham lincoln. you show how much he needed her. >> he absolutely -- they were totally bonded. had there not been a mary todd, there would not have been an abraham lincoln. she was his closest confidant and adviser. when they got to the white house, she was kicked out because the cabinet took over. and it infuriated her. but he relied on the fact that she was the emotional one of the twosome. she felt everything he never allowed himself to feel. that was her role in it. there were two sides to this coin that came together and became abraham lincoln. >> an amazing story and amazing performance. "lincoln" opens nationwide on friday. when we come back, be ready to be thrilled for "the circle of l=xkñkñ
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ hakuna matata what a wonderful phrase ♪ ♪ hakuna matata we're backstage with what is known as the birdways. you're one of the original cast members. >> yes, i am. >> for 15 years now. >> 15 years and still going. >> it's an amazing show. i remember the first time i saw it, i couldn't believe the incredible costumes and theatrics that go on. you're just 1 of the 25 animals that appear in this show? well, anyway, we got to take a walk on the wild side, as lara, josh and i, if you can imagine what that looks like. as we join "the circle of life." i'm sorry for how this is going to look in advance. take a look. for 15 years, "the lion king" has been broadway royalty. the highest-grossing show in history. seen by more than 65 million people around the world.
8:47 am
so, we three "lion king" superfans got the chance of a lifetime. our own chance to be king for just one day. josh and i started big. rhino big. and lara transformed into a zebra. on stage, the professionals like it look so easy. the rhino rock step. the zebra prances. how address can it be? >> you want to learn the rock step? >> oh. as it turned out, we're not quite ready for broadway. and bow. >> together. there you go. >> what if the rhino can't get back up? >> you have to use your -- >> i'm stuck. >> we tried a simple walk around the stage. >> follow me. >> not bad. except lara almost takes out our choreographer. maybe balancing the large animal costumes were just a little too advanced for us. >> watching the show, you don't realize how hard they're working. >> reporter: our new friends let
8:48 am
josh become mufasa, and lara, his lioness wife. and i get to be rafiki. our goal, a walk up the stairs. >> this is normal every morning. >> reporter: it sounds easy. but there's a curve ball. >> we're going to spin the rock so the audience can see it. >> what do you mean, spin the rock? >> reporter: i know the stairs look like they're moving at a snail's pace. but trust me. when you're up there, on the top of the rock, everything is moving in a different direction. >> slow down a little bit. more dignity as you walk. yeah. now, turn out. that's it. look at her. that's it. and all of the animals. hold the baby up. up to the light. that's it. very nice. >> reporter: so, there we were. looking a little rough around the edges. but in our minds, it looked like this. ♪ the lights, the crowd, finally
8:49 am
the applause. our own "lion king" moment, 15 years in the making. happy anniversary, "lion king." and if we learned anything, it's a little bit more dignity when you walk. ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in their live tv performance, from their very own theater, "the lion king," and "the circle of life." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ from the day we arrive on the planet ♪ ♪ and blinking step into the sun ♪ ♪ there's more to see than can ever be seen ♪ ♪ more to do than can ever be done ♪ ♪ there's far too much to take in here ♪ ♪ more to find
8:51 am
than can ever be found ♪ ♪ but the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky ♪ ♪ keeps the great and small on the endless round ♪ ♪ it's the circle of life and it moves us all ♪ ♪ through despair and hope through faith and love ♪ ♪ till we find our place on the path unwinding ♪ ♪ in the circle the circle of life ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it's the circle of life and it moves us all ♪ ♪ through despair and hope through faith and love ♪
8:53 am
♪ till we find our place on the path unwinding ♪ ♪ in the circle the circle of life ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ thanks to all of you for watching today. and thank you to sam and the entire cast of "the lion king," what a performance that was. just amazing. have a good day, everyone. >> happy anniversary.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. breaking news in daly city crews are making progress
8:59 am
clearing several streets covered with mud. residents from 12 homes were evacuated due to fear of hill erosion. parked vehicles stuck in the muddy mess along lausanne avenue price street clayton court no water or mud in any of the houses this was caused by a reservoir pipeline that ruptured 4:30 this morning. about juan to nine degrees warmer today, -- about one to nine degrees warmer today, mid to upper 60s warmer tomorrow chance of showers friday heavier rain sunday and monday. >> north 101 candlestick park jammed on west 580 near fruitvale accident in the clearing stages, south 880 alvarado slow due to accident. southbound


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